Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern Day Gents movement starts here!

Well this may seem like a strange subject for a 26 year old male to be talking about but where have all the Gents gone? I don’t consider myself a perfect Gent but I like to think that am considered a nice guy, I don’t always smile and I can be grumpy, but I want to change. Don’t get me wrong I know that there are nice blokes out there, my dad being one of them, but they seem to be hiding away, possibly because they are so fed up with the lack of appreciation they get for their Gent like actions, they just dont bother anymore.

What does someone have to do to become a Gent? I don’t think that it means you have to walk around in a suit with a waist coat, cane and a top hat. Trust me times have changed! But I think there are a few basic things that a bloke can do that could earn him the status of Modern Day Gent.

1) Opening doors for anyone. You don’t have to open doors just for the ladies but fellow blokes too. You don’t have to stand there all day but just for a few people. Or even once you have walked through the door just hold it open for the next person.

2) Help the older generation. Seriously how much effort does it really take to help someone with their bags off a train? With all the travelling I do on trains these days I see so many cases where people can help but they are too wrapped up in their own little world to help. Maybe even carry their bag up a flight of stairs. Whoever it is they may say, no thanks, but at least offer a hand!

3) Say thanks and use those muscles in your face to smile!! We all have the ability, I know some days you just don’t want to but try it, as the sayings go "it takes 41 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile".

These are only 3 things that could help you on your way to becoming a Gent. There are plenty more that can be done but even if you do a couple of these at least once a day you could then progress on to the advanced stages on your way to becoming a true Gent.

I would love to see the term "Gent" getting used more often, It shouldn’t be just an old fashioned term that people automatically link to posh people it should just related to genuinely nice blokes. There are too many "chav's", "Emo's" etc etc around and not enough "Gents". So come on fellow budding Gents practise those smiles and generally being nice, it’s better to be nice than it is to be that grumpy git that people tolerate. Plus its better for your health (science bit coming up), Studies have shown that smiling and being smiled back at can really positively effect your health, studies have shown that it can make you more attractive to the fairer sex, it can lower your blood pressure, it can relieve stress and it makes you more attractive.

By the way all you ladies out there this is a two way street, if you want more Gents in your lives you are going to have to encourage it a bit more. Smile back; say thanks, if a man offers to help, let him. He is more likely to do it again and it will make him feel good!

No matter what your age become a Modern Day Gent!

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