Saturday, December 4, 2010

Things have changed a little bit!

Well it’s been a little while since I last posted, sorry about that! But I have been a bit busy lately. Last time I was at work my career took a bit of a dramatic turn. I was just sitting there working away on one of my reports when I got a phone call from my boss. I won’t tell you the whole conversation but the basic jist was "do you fancy going to Brisbane to work on a project for 5 weeks and then possibly go to Papua New Guinea and work 4 weeks on a rig and 4 weeks off, it means that you will become the global expert for this new piece of equipment". Obviously in my mind I was going OMG yes please. But then I was thinking oh S**t "Global expert" that’s a lot of responsibility. No I’m not usually the sort of person to seek out responsibility, but I have recently been considering a new career anyway so I jumped at the chance.

So I’m currently in Brisbane loving the weather, loving the city and loving the people. No I don’t know if it’s because i live in Southend or if it’s just because I’m from the UK but everyone here is really polite and I don’t think I have ever felt safer just walking around in a city. This has got me thinking, does the climate affect the whole population in a positive way? We have all heard about S.A.D. and its effects on some people and I guess everyone to some extent.

I would love to see if there has ever been a study into crime rates and climate. Is there a correlation between the amount of sunshine and temperature with crime rates and social well being? Now I know I have only been in the city for 4 days and obviously haven’t seen everything it has to give, but there is just a general air of happiness.